Care Groups at Calvary are a primary expression of our church's vision to grow genuine loving relationships with each other based on God's Word. They create intentional opportunities to have people live into Jesus' call on his followers to love each other as He has loved us.

We believe in order to more fully follow this call to love one another we must immerse ourselves in each others lives, learning to love in genuine, practical ways that come in response to knowing others and allowing others to know us.

Care Groups typically meet monthly, have been developed based on proximity, interests and life stages, and can focus on: 
•    a meal and connecting
•    Bible study
•    a service or activity
•    specific age and stage group (seniors, young families, singles, men, women)
•    intergenerational and multi-life stage

If you are part of Calvary Baptist and seeking to deepen your faith and build genuine relationships, please consider joining a Care Group at Calvary. Let us know! Email Jean Nelson, Care Group Coordinator if you would like more information.