We have two leadership teams that oversee our church family. The Elders oversee the spiritual aspect and the Management Team is responsible for guiding us in ministries and administration.


Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and provide pastoral care to the congregation. Elders ensure our Church is continuing to grow into a biblically functioning church through the teaching of God's word, and, through our relationships in the church and in the community.  Hebrews 13.17, 1 Peter 5.1-4

Our current Elders are: Frank Aiello, Peter du ToitGreg Hollett and Pastor Edgar Unrau. You are welcome to send any of them an email with questions you may have. 

Management Team

The Management Team is made up of Deacons who guide the congregation in pursuing the Church vision through a variety of ministries, as well as being responsible for the administrative business of the church, which includes finances and assets.

Our Current Management Team:

Bev Knight - Management Deacon

Glenn Monahan - Finance Deacon

Flor Williams - Congregational Deacon

Linda Kerr - Outreach Deacon

Peter duToit - Elders Representative

If you have questions for any of us, please feel welcome to email us or call the church office for futher contact details.