Sunday Morning Programs

We want our Sunday Service to be welcoming to your whole family- all ages! On Sunday mornings you can fit into any of the following options...

Baby Room (non-walking infants)
Every Sunday morning there is a baby room available for parents to care for the needs of their little ones. There are comfortable chairs for parents to sit while watching the service on a t.v. screen as well as age appropriate toys to help keep baby busy. Our baby room also has a changing table, play pen , swing and high chair to accommodate the needs of both parent and child.

Toddler Nursery (walking – 3 years old)
Every Sunday morning volunteers are looking forward to playing with and caring for our toddlers. Parents are welcome to drop their child off or stay with them and enjoy the service from the television screen provided in the nursery.

FaithKids Preschool (ages 3 - 5 years old)
Our Preschool program aims to be a kid-friendly experience for kids 3 years old to 5 years old who aren't quite ready to graduate to our Faithkids program. The kids are dismissed from the service upstairs to head to our preschool room where one of our warm and friendly preschool teachers will greet them. It is a "go with the flow" approach, where they hear a Bible story, do a craft or activity and have fun playing!

FaithKids (Kindergarten - Grade 3)
FaithKids is about supplementing families in their efforts to teach kids about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Every child signs in at the FaithKids Sign-In Table and is dismissed from the service. They head downstairs where one of our talented large group teachers interactively and creatively engages the kids in the lesson. FaithKids aims for effective discipleship while building authentic relationships among the kids and our FaithKids Team.

FaithKids (Grade 4-6) These students learn the basics of Christianity (a type of catechism) and why we believe what we do. It's a great environment to ask questions in a smaller group.